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Module Detailed Information for [GE2230]
Academic Year : 2017/2018 Semester : 1
Correct as at 22 Sep 2018 05:00

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Module Information
Module Code :
Module Title : Energy Futures: Environment and Sustainability
Module Description : The extraction, production, distribution and use of energy sources have significant environmental, social, political, and economic impacts. These impacts are multi-scalar, ranging from global climate change to socio-cultural disruption at the local and national scale. This module exposes students to these impacts with detailed case studies. The module also gives students a comprehensive background on the development and use of promising future postcarbon alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, and biofuels. It also discusses how to build the architecture of a post-carbon economy.
Module Examinable : -
Exam Date : 06-12-2018 EVENING
Modular Credits : 4
Pre-requisite : Nil
Preclusion : Nil
Module Workload (A-B-C-D-E)* : 2-2-0-2-4
Remarks : Nil
* A: no. of lecture hours per week
B: no. of tutorial hours per week
C: no. of laboratory hours per week
D: no. of hours for projects, assignments, fieldwork etc per week
E: no. of hours for preparatory work by a student per week

Lecture Time Table
Class TypeWeek TypeWeek DayStartEndRoom

Tutorial Time Table
Attention: The tutorial timetables could be updated from time to time. Students are advised to check regularly for the latest update on the change of tutorial timing.
Class TypeWeek TypeWeek DayStartEndRoom Iteration
DO1 TUTORIAL3,5,7,9,11MONDAY10001200AS2-0204,
Available in Tutorial Balloting [Iteration 2].
DO2 TUTORIAL3,5,7,9,11MONDAY12001400AS2-0204,
Available in Tutorial Balloting [Iteration 2].
DO3 TUTORIAL3,5,7,9,11TUESDAY14001600AS2-0203,
Available in Tutorial Balloting [Iteration 2].
DO4 TUTORIAL3,5,7,9,11TUESDAY16001800AS2-0203,
Available in Tutorial Balloting [Iteration 2].

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