As you know, the end-of-semester student feedback has recently seen significant changes proposed by the NUS Teaching Academy.  The new system is more flexible, consisting of 3 common questions and 3 optional ones chosen by departments and/or faculties.  The feedback interface, communication to student and the incentive are also modified, hopefully for the better.


We would like to draw your attention to an important new feature. It calls for the teaching unit to communicate to its students, a brief and direct response to the feedback from the previous semester, no later than Week 1 of the current semester.  This gesture will effectively address a common perception among students, that it is unclear how student feedback has impacted teaching practice in NUS.  Closing the loop this way could also encourage more thoughtful feedback.  Given its importance, the message should be sent by the unit head, with input and support from all its faculty members.   Your cooperation is much appreciated.   


Access to student response will only be made available after the examination results have been finalised.  A sample report for instructors is available for your reference.


Thank you.