Online Photo Submission for New Undergraduate Students

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Note that you are required to accept the NUS offer online before you can submit your digital photo.
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Important Notes:

1. You are required to read the requirements for the photo before you submit your photo online.
2. NUS students will use their Application Number and key in the first 8-characters of your admission PIN if your PIN is more than 8 characters. YST music students will use their Application Number and Application Password to login.
3. Please do not submit your photo if you are not matriculating for the current year.
4. If you encounter this error message "Missing confirmed upload/submit button" while using Internet Explorer, please log in to the system again with Google Chrome as your
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Your photo submission will be processed within one week.
Please login again after one week to check on the status.
If your submitted photo is rejected, please re-submit a new photo as soon as possible.
Kindly email to UGRegistration should you have any enquiries or encounter any problems.