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Application for Admission to full-time Undergraduate Courses in the
National University of Singapore
(Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'A' Level)

  Dear Applicant,
  Thank you for choosing to use the NUS Online Application Form - Type 1. Please note that Type 1 Form is a pre-filled application form with certain sections already pre-filled with data obtained from the Singapore's Ministry of Education (MOE).
  The advantages of using the Type 1 form are:
  1. Minimal data entry is required.
  2. If all data displayed on the form is accurate, you will not be required to submit any supporting documents. Copies of your supporting documents are only required to be submitted if there are discrepancies.
  If you proceed to file your application using this form, NUS will use the data provided by MOE.
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  If you would like to provide details in the "Outstanding Achievements" section, you are strongly encouraged to compose your text using a text editor and copy it over to the allocated box in the form.
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