Financial Needs Calculator
For Undergraduate Students

This calculator is designed to help you determine your annual financial needs for the pursuit of a tertiary education in NUS.

You can enter the following information to obtain a quick estimate of your financial needs:

Acad Year:
Accommodation needs:

Your Estimated Annual Expenses

Amount (S$)

Tuition Fee after acceptance of MOE Tuition Grant :

Compulsory Miscellaneous Fees :

Estimated living expenses :

Estimated accommodation expenses :
(*Accommodation is based on common room rates for 40 weeks.)

Total estimated annual expenses (a) :

Your Financial Aid Package (for relatively needy students)

Note: : International Students who have been offered admission without the MOE Tuition Grant or rejected the MOE Tuition Grant will not be eligible for all NUS or MOE-funded financial aid/scholarships (inclusive of the Tuition Fee Loan and CPF Education Scheme) throughout their entire course candidature.

Tuition Fee Loan (90% of subsidised tuition fee based on Singapore Citizen rate) :

NUS Study Loan (10% of subsidised tuition fee based on Singapore Citizen rate) + $3,600 living allowance :

NUS Donated Bursary  :

Total estimated annual financial aid funds (b) :

Estimated annual out-of-pocket amount required (a) (b)* :

* Please note that the Higher Education Community Bursary, Higher Education Bursary and the Residential Programme/College Bursary are not included in the above calculator. Please find their award criteria and quanta in the table below. More information of these schemes can be found at

Financial Aid Schemes Monthly per capita household income
Monthly gross household income (GHI)^ General Undergraduate Courses including Medicine/ Dentistry Students on MENDAKI TTFS Medicine/ Dentistry except Recipients of MENDAKI TTFS
Higher Education Community Bursary+ ≤$690 ≤$2,750 $6,200 Up to $19,300#
$691 to $1,000 $2751 to $4,000 $5,000 Up to $15,300#
Higher Community Bursary+ $1,001 to $1,725 $4,001 to $6,900 $3,200 Up to $11,300#
$1,726 to $2,250 $6,901 to $9,000 $1,350 Up to $5,300#
Residential Programme Bursary+ According to assessed level of neediness of the applicant Not Applicable $500 to $4,020
Residential College Bursary According to assessed level of neediness of the applicant Not Applicable Up to $5,000
# Depending on Fee Cohort

+ Applicable to Singapore Citizens only

^ Applicants are required to meet either the PCI or GHI criteria to be eligible for the bursary

  • The living expenses have been derived based on a conservative estimate for a reasonably comfortable lifestyle. The actual amount could be higher and lower depending on individual student's expenditure and lifestyle pattern.
  • The fund amounts in the financial aid package are not a guarantee of financial aid that will be offered by the university to all students. They are an illustration of a package for a relatively needy student. Applicants will be evaluated and a financial aid package will be offered depending on their financial circumstances. For a full list of financial aid schemes, please visit
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