Financial Needs Calculator
For Undergraduate Students

This calculator is designed to help you determine your annual financial needs for the pursuit of a tertiary education in NUS.

You can enter the following information to obtain a quick estimate of your financial needs:

Acad Year:
Accommodation needs:

Your Estimated Annual Expenses

Amount (S$)

Tuition Fee after acceptance of MOE Tuition Grant :

Compulsory Miscellaneous Fees :

Estimated living expenses :

Estimated accommodation expenses :
(*Accommodation is based on common room rates for 40 weeks.)

Total estimated annual expenses (a) :

Your Financial Aid Package (for relatively needy students)

Note: Students who have been offered admission without the MOE Tuition Grant will not be eligible for all NUS or MOE-funded financial aid/scholarships (inclusive of the Tuition Fee Loan and CPF Education Scheme) throughout their entire course candidature.

Tuition Fee Loan (90% of subsidised tuition fee based on Singapore Citizen rate) :

NUS Study Loan (10% of subsidised tuition fee based on Singapore Citizen rate) + $3,600 living allowance :

NUS Bursary  :

Total estimated annual financial aid funds (b) :

Estimated annual out-of-pocket amount required (a) (b) :

  • The living expenses have been derived based on a conservative estimate for a reasonably comfortable lifestyle. The actual amount could be higher and lower depending on individual student's expenditure and lifestyle pattern.
  • The fund amounts in the financial aid package are not a guarantee of financial aid that will be offered by the university to all students. They are an illustration of a package for a relatively needy student. Applicants will be evaluated and a financial aid package will be offered depending on their unique financial circumstances. For a full list of financial aid schemes, please visit
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